Statutory registers (Statutory books) required to be kept by the Companies Act 2006.

1.       Every company must keep a register of its members.

2.       Every company must keep a register of its directors.

3.       Every company must keep a register of its secretaries

4.       Every company must cause minutes of all proceedings at meetings of its directors to be recorded.

5.       Every company must keep records comprising-

              (a) Copies of all resolutions of members passed otherwise than at general meetings

              (b) minutes of all proceedings of general meetings, and

              (c) details provided to the company in accordance with section 357 (decisions of sole members)


6.       Every limited company shall keep available for inspection a register of charges


Records that must be available for inspection.

1.       Register of members

2.       Register of directors

3.       Register of secretaries

4.       Register of debenture holders (if kept)

5.       Register of charges


At the registered office usually but another location can be specified.

Failure to comply?

If a company fails to comply an offence is committed by

(a)    The company, and

(b)   every officer of the company who is in default


Fines range from level 3 on the standard scale to level 5

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