Writing a Business Plan for your business

Building a business plan with us– part 4


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Previously we looked at the Environmental analysis section of a business plan.  What Environmental analysis is, and the benefits it brings for your business. In this section we look at Position Audit.

To read our previous sections, clicking on the following links; Business Plan part 1, Business Plan Part 2 and Business Plan part 3. Please note that Business Plan part 1 and 2 are downloadable pdf files.


Position Audit


This part of the planning process identifies the current state of the entity and will include an analysis of:

a)  Tangible and intangible assets and finance

b)  Products brands and markets

c)  Operating systems

d)  Internal organisation

e)  Current results

f)   Returns to the partners

From this analysis it will be possible to identify available resources and limiting factors for your business. If you require more help with your business plan, do get in touch.


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