Nick Green – Just Lets

Keith’s knowledge of accounting matters is second to none. He ensures compliance in every area yet still manages to save his clients money in ensuring all allowances and tax deductions are made. Keith is highly recommended and all accountants should follow his lead.

Sean Thompson – Thompson Media partners

Keith has been a real asset to my company. I have been using Alden & Co since 2004 and only have good things to say about the company. I thank my local Barclays Business Manager for recommending them to me.

Gregory Warman – Royal Bank of Scotland Group

Keith is without doubt the most trustworthy and conscientious accountant I have ever done business with. I have been in Banking since 1973 and whilst I have only known Keith for a few short years he ticks all the boxes when it comes to accountancy advice and support. In the last 20 years I have specialsed in Business Banking and he is without doubt the best provider of the level of support and expertise for large and small business I have ever met in the accountancy profession. He is my personal accountant and has done a brilliant job for me. I highly recommend his services.

Mark Young – Miele Co Ltd

Keith Alden always has time for his clients and never fails to give excellent advice. He handles both my personal and business accounts and has saved me far more than his fees. 
I thoroughly and wholeheartedly recommend Alden & Co to anyone who pays tax.

Bob Hulstrom Owner – Positive Solutions

Keith is what you want from an accountant; trustworthy, deeply knowledgeable, up to date, personable, happy to explain things to the nth degree without `glazing over`, rates that reflect his abilities, highly respected within his profession and the wider business community, and very, very forward thinking in his approach to accounting. Would i recommend Keith and his side kick Ojoe? I have done so dozens of times to my clients and friends and all of them have nothing but praise for him. He is also witty and fun to have around quite unlike the normal dour characterless stereotype of an accountant. One last thing; he is much respected by HMRC which is a great boon when you happen to have a disagreement with them as they actually sit up and take notice when Keith has to speak with them on your behalf. In short I would say that Keith is the consummate accountant; you will not find better!

Peter Windatt – Business Recovery and Insolvency

Keith, as well as being generous in his praise of myself and BRI, is a man to have on your side. Not your stereotypical accountant (if there ever was one) but a man for whom ethics isn’t simply a county near Sussex. Like myself, Keith has trained for many years in martial arts and the values from these hours of discipline, physical and mental rigour appear to shine through in what he brings to his work. No nonsense, practical and, if needs be, firm advice – very much an iron fist in a silk glove.

Sean Dennis – Superior Surfaces Ltd

I have been using Alden & Co for a few years now, and have always found them to be a friendly, empathetic, knowledgeable and extremely competent company. 

Keith, Ojoe and the team are always willing to help wherever they can, with a professional approach at all times. 

Tax doesn’t need to be taxing, and it’s far from it with Alden & Co.

John Hawkins – Bowater Price Plc

Keith and Ojoe of Alden & Co have been my Accountants for 5 years and I have to say that Alden & Co are very beneficial to me. Their expertise and guidance has allowed me to get on with growing my business whilst they look after the accounts. 
I would have no hesitation to recommend Alden & Co to any business, friends and relatives.

Graham Drage – WSI Internet Consulting

Keith is one of the best accountants I have ever met. 
He knows his subject and almost without fail will save SMEs money (and potential problems!) far in excess of his fees. 
He will offer free advice over the phone and his expertise also extends from accountancy into providing sound business advice. 
If you have any questions about your accounts or are subject to a tax.